Homemade Ice Cream

Our small batch ice cream is freshly made in our shoppe and scooped to your delight. Smallcakes always prepares at least 8 signature flavors and two daily specials for you to enjoy by the cup, pint, or cone!

Our Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream sandwich

Try our

Signature Ice Cream Sandwiches

A scoop of our fresh homemade ice cream in between two of our fresh baked cookies makes for the perfect cookie sandwich.

Small Cakes Ice cream sandwich

Ice Cream Prices:

by the pint or by the cone

Single Scoop
Double Scoop
Ice Cream Pint
Kids Scoop
Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
Waffle Cone Cost
Ice Cream Stuffed Cupcake
By Special Order. Our delicious gourmet cupcake stuffed with our fresh, homemade ice cream of your choice.
Indulge in our most popular treat! Two heaping scoops of homemade ice cream smashed between a gourmet cupcake of your choice, fudge or caramel drizzle and lots of flavor!
Ice Cream Cone

Our Signature Ice Cream Waffle Cone

Smash Cupcake Ice Cream

Smash Cupcake Ice Cream

We are Healthy, Happy, & Open for Pickup, Curbside Service or Delivery

Now delivering – Smallcakes Ahwatukee and Door Dash
want you to enjoy the gift of yum no matter where you are.